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Will Jade leave her successful career to marry star NFL athlete Donovan Steele? She’s a prominent lawyer, but he wants a dependent trophy wife. The high-profile couple break off their engagement, and Donovan goes on a dating rampage to find the girl of his dreams. With the help of his teammates, he overcomes heartbreak, and finds himself in a web of hilarious encounters. Will he survive the rebound?

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The Donut Shop Movie

Supreme Donuts is in trouble, which means Roy is in big trouble. With a fiancé and twin infant sons to support, he must turn his business around. Unfortunately, the bank is not impressed with Roy's plans for healthy organic donuts. With his back against the wall, Roy decides to risk everything on a totally new concept - wholesome wheat chocolate-glazed donuts with a definite kick. Before long, his buzz-inducing recipe is a huge hit, and Roy's troubles are just beginning.

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